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Summer newsletter, exhibition preview Sunday 05/07/2015

This is my summer newsletter in a new format. I’ll be listing upcoming exhibitions and events, talk about collaborations and a few other interesting bits and pieces.
The next show is already opening this Sunday. In the meantime I’m working hard to secure additional locations for the Art Language Location show in October. I’m also collaborating with two artists in Norway on developing Modern Day Rituals and continuing my essay on embracing uncertainty in art production. More about that in one of the next newsletters.
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Caspar  – [cbelow]

POOL – opening this Sunday at CGP London
8th-26 July 2015 

POOL – A Bermondsey Artists’ Group Exhibition
at CGP London, 8-26 Jul 2015

One of my videos is going to be shown at the next exhibition by the Bermondsey Artists’ Group “Pool”, starting this weekend.
My video The End of Ebb and Flow is a digital fable about a double act of opposing characters, bound to each other by mutual dependency and disdain.
The exhibition “Pool” takes it starting point from the buried Southwark Park lido and decommissioned fountain, with artists showing work in direct and metaphorical relation to the theme.
More info on “Pool

Exhibition: 8 – 26 July 2015 | Wed-Sun 11-5pm
Preview: Sunday, 5 July 3 – 5pm
CGP London, Southwark Park, London SE16 2UA


Earlier this year I collaborated with artist Parvathi Nayar in Chennai, India and produced a sound track for her video installation Of Time and Space. The video is on show at the Veda Gallery in Chennai until September.

More info on Parvathi Nayar

Listen to the soundtrack 

Coming up in October: 

I’ll be showing a triptych of videos on storytelling, change and technology at this year’s Art Language Location exhibition and event across Cambridge. The videos will be shown together at a central location at Anglia Ruskin University. I’m also negotiating with different sites and venues to show the videos separately in different contexts relating to the videos’ content. About Art Language Location:
Now in its fourth year, ALL is an art festival that takes place during October at locations across the city. Art Language Location is organised by a group of Cambridge postgraduate artists to promote and celebrate contemporary and experimental art in Cambridge. This year Art Language Location will take place from 15th October – 1st November 2015.
More about ALL

 Call to action for a friend: 

A friend and fellow cycle activist and mental health campaigner Alex is battling OCD, bulimia and anorexia. I know her from her time as the Chair of Southwark Cyclists, when she’s led the group through a difficult period, pouring her heart and soul into making things better and safer for cyclists.
Since then her condition has deteriorated and she has exhausted treatment options in the UK. She has found an alternative treatment in South Africa, which specialises on treating the combination of OCD and eating disorders. Alex has never held back with her generosity for others, so her friends and family have started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money for her to go and start the treatment. She is close to reaching her target, so I’m hoping some of you will be able to contribute.

Donate to Alex’s GoFundMe page

 From the archive

Portrait of the artist who has a day job, 2013

A short sound piece, giving an emotive and humorous description of an artist marked by the challenges and experiences of multiple commitments.


In honour of James Tenney’s Postal Pieces, London Sinfonietta called for new compositions on postcards. My piece “Route to Work Loop for Bugle Bike and Vuvuzela” was specially commended and will be shown at London Sinfonietta’s performance on the 15th September at King’s Place in London.



On Saturday the 15th June 2013, the bus conductor kiosk on Denmark Hill was reincarnated as the Payday Loan Cenotaph, a sculpture commemorating the unknown victims of financial profiteering. A modern-day monument for Camberwell, complete with wreaths, the Cenotaph – meaning literally, ’empty tomb’ – bore memorial inscriptions to the unknown debtor and flew white flags signifying innocence and surrender. In an appropriate additional narrative of despair, attack, collapse and the hope for redemption, the opening ceremony was accompanied by a local citizen directing a casual tirade of verbal abuse and aggressive posturing at passers-by, and the simultaneous collapse and eventual recovery of his companion, both residents of the pavement adjacent to the Cenotaph. For 48 hours this monument served the people of Camberwell and the passers-by on their buses, before going the way of all material things.



Four “Liquid Memorial” cocktails, especially designed by Caspar Below for the 2012 Camberwell Arts Festival and the Stormbird pub. These historical cocktails, new creations and variations of modern classics have been introduced to commemorate local stories, characters, occasions and events. For the price of a drink, punters could own a piece of it.

The Ruskin Shooter – An enlightened drink of white vermouth, gin and Kümmel

A drink in honour of the Camberwell-based Victorian artist and critic John Ruskin. After a harrowing experience at the Father Redcap music hall, he found that there was no truth in art and is rumoured to have had a vision on Camberwell Green. Shortly after his vision, he asked his friend Oldfield to include the biblical scene of Sin Entering Into the World (Romans 5:12) in the design of the ornamental east window at nearby St Giles.

Order this drink to come to your senses.

The Stop and Search-A southeasterly gale of mint and brandy on ice

A chilly start to the evening, with a predicted increase in roadside stop and searches. With numbers of pre-crime arrests anticipated to go up during the Olympic season, highs of oppression and profiling may cause strong winds later on.

Turn yourself in and ask at the bar for a Stop and Search.

The Camber Tosh – A murky mixture of dark rum, cassis and ice

A beverage of superficial benefits, enjoy the Camber Tosh to commemorate generations of people who travelled to the Camber Well, believing it would provide relief from their ailments.

The Camber Well was rediscovered in 2009 in a back garden on Camberwell Grove by a local archaeologist. With usage of the well possibly going back as far as 3000 years, its reputation for healing the crippled may have given the well its name of “camber”, from Latin “camurus” for crooked or bent.

Today crooked or bent people still have a thriving business in Camberwell, peddling false hope and quick money to both the gullible and greedy.

The Bitter End – The finite taste of dark rum and blackstrap molasses

A drink not only for the anaemic, the Bitter End is a memorial drink to the disappointed Camberwell revellers of social change, who didn’t get to benefit from the fruit of their labour.

Raise a toast to those trade unionists, radicals, those rawdy people on Camberwell fair, the NUWC, those chartists, squatters and mad campaigners on the green and those abortionists, civil rights, anti-racism and housing campaigners, feminists and republicans in the backrooms of pubs.

Order the Bitter End with a straight back and the determined look of the underdog in your eye.

Festival opening: Liquid Memorials- Camberwell Arts Festival 2012

My Liquid Memorials piece is going live at the Stormbird Pub in Camberwell on Saturday the 16th June 2012 until the 24th . It’s the opening piece for this years’ Camberwell Arts Festival

Come to the the Pub Crawl of particpating pubs on the opening night (blurb and flyer underneath).

The Liquid Memorials are a selection of especially designed and locally themed cocktails on local stories, histories, rumours and events. Come and enjoy the Ruskin Shooter, The Stop and Search, The Camber Tosh or The Bitter End throughout the festival.

Camberwell Arts Flyer and Programme

Pub Crawl on the opening night

16th June 2012 Throughout Camberwell, led and compered by Frog Morris: T: 07941125901;


Start 7pm at the Stormbird in camberwell

Caspar Below, Mat Collishaw, Garudio

Studiage, Lynn Hatzius, James Topple & Colin Riddle A group exhibition celebrating some of Camberwell’s best-loved pubs – commissioned and paid for by local drinkers. Join us for the Camberwell Pub Crawl, as Frog Morris leads a performance art tour on the opening night, putting a unique twist on traditional pub culture. From Comedy Bingo to the UnWrong

Pub Quiz, darts to dancing with Swing Patrol, what more could you want from a good night out?