Launch of the Payday Loan Cenotaph

On Saturday the 15th June at midday I will be launching my newest memorial, the Payday Loan Cenotaph, as part of this years' Camberwell Arts Festival. The cenotaph is a modern day monument to commemorate the victims of financial profiteering, located on a busy street in central Camberwell.



The Payday Loan Cenotaph

34-36 Denmark Hill, SE5 8RZ


You can find the full programme for Camberwell Arts week here.


Other  current projects:

My Portrait of the artist who has a day job is featured on the Noise Project website.

The Camber Tosh of last year's Liquid Memorials will be served at the CoolCat Cafe in Se5 for a few weeks.

My film Sidewinder is part of the 0P3NR3P0 glitch archive for Furtherfield Gallery's Glitch Moment/ums