Show: "Out of Frame" - Disruptive Tech Online at Philadelphia Tech Week

The exhibition will be live on April 28 until 7th May.

The full Trilogy of Painful Changes is being shown as part of OUT OF FRAME / Philadelphia Tech Week. The Trilogy of Painful Changes tells the story of three different experiences of difficult or hard to accept transformations and paradigm shifts.

OUT OF FRAME is a curated online exhibition showcasing work defined as Disruptive Tech.

*dis-rup-tive (adj.) troublesome, unruly, badly behaved, rowdy, disorderly, undisciplined, wild. The ten participating artists showcase technology-based works that disrupt systems, such as websites, software, apps and twitter feeds. These tech-based works disrupt with tech, through tech or in contrast to tech. Participating artists: Caspar Below, Nia Burks, Marco De Mutiis, Chris Eben, Hope Hutman, Tyler Kline, Jon Montenegro, Lisa Marie Patzer, Michael Richison and TangenT Art Collaborative.

Curated by: Belinda Haikes and Gaby Heit

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