Self-evacuation for Londoners

Performance lecture and workshop on how to self-manage your evacuation during urban disasters

Route to work for Bugle Bike and Vuvuzela, Commuter Audio Algorithm

Graphic notation and performance instructions to generate a unique piece of music on commuting, by translating encounters, situations and emotions into an unpredictable sequence of notes. This is part of series of graphical notation pieces, capturing algorithms to generate melodies for everyday situations. “Route to work for Bugle Bike and Vuvuzela” was awarded a special commendation by London Sinfonietta and considered, alas ultimately rejected, for a live performance.

The Drowning of Bad Advice

In 2009 I ran a number of events (“I Told You So”) for participants to deposit bad pieces of advice they had received at some point, and which they’d like to rid themselves of. I offered the a service to receive this piece of advice from them, but also offered the additional service of symbolically dispatching the bad advice through a ritual of their choice. The drowning was one such ritual, which took place after a group walk with some of the participants who had volunteered their bad advice.

The Re-enactment

sensitive building, 2004

video exploration of the prohibited spaces and behaviours around governmental buildings

iDrone London

Sci-Fi short on the aftermath of the action of an inner city predator drone


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